The SAT Essay: An Exercise in Efficiency

When it comes to the SAT, there is a core set of strategies that can be applied to the Verbal, Math and grammar part of the Writing section. These multiple-choice sections can generally be approached with the same box of tools. Process of Elimination, for example, is a fundamental strategy: if you can't find the correct answer, then look at the choices. Usually two of them will be wildly off base. Eliminate those and then, if you have to, guess.

The Essay section, however, does not avail itself to such a strategy, because it is abstract; there is nothing to eliminate, back-solve or break down. There is only a prompt - a quote or a description of a situation - and an assignment: evaluate and write, using examples from "reading, studies, experience or observations." That's it. That, and a ticking clock. When was the last time you wrote an analytical essay, in 25 minutes, on spec? For many, the essay can be the most confounding part of any standardized test.

The Single Best Strategy To Improve Your ACT Score

Your ACT score is based on how many questions you answer correctly in each of the four graded sections. Unlike the SAT, the ACT does not deduct any points for wrong answers, so it benefits you to answer as many questions as possible.

Here's the key to improving your ACT score: answering everything doesn't mean you have to attempt every question. Accuracy is essential.

Some students make the mistake of attempting every question. This only makes sense if you are already an exceptional test taker scoring in the top 90%. If you are trying to earn a 28 or higher on any section, go ahead and work every question; you've already proven your ability to dominate the test.

Standard Planning And Reporting For Optimized Statistical Testing

The boss just asked you to write an explanation of planning for a statistical test, choosing a test quantity, and reporting the results after the test is completed. This is the way I, as a mechanical engineer, statistics wannabe, would do it. Working for the feds for 22 years has caused some to suggest that money is always plentiful. It's not. In fact, the best way to optimize funds, in my opinion, is to test "just enough" to achieve 80% confidence with the new "power" number set at 74% and allowing for 1 failure during testing. Why such an odd power? Well, the old binomial calculation only dealt with confidence but the new "proportion" calculation that all the new software uses adds the power number into the equation. When I ran all probabilities through the new software with one failure, the power was 74% across the board when the confidence exceeded 80%. It makes sense since the mistake related to power (beta error) just means "back to the drawing boards" for a while, but a mistake due to confidence (alpha error) means a bad product out in the field that performs more poorly than expected.

Is the ACT Easier Than the SAT?

In the competitive world of college admissions, students and parents are looking for any advantage they can get and improved test scores can help. But which test is easier -- the SAT or ACT? The best way to find out is to take both.

If you don't have scores from both tests to compare, here are the top 5 factors for deciding between the SAT and ACT.

1. Shorter test or shorter sections?

With the additional writing section, the ACT consists of 3 hours and 25 minutes of tested material; the SAT is longer at 3 hours of 55 minutes. Both are long tests. Some prefer the ACT format with longer, but fewer sections. The ACT has one section each of English, Math, Reading, and Science and you never need to guess what section is next.

7 Strategies for Success on the SAT Math Section

The SAT has three graded sections - reading, math, and writing. To improve your college admission and scholarship options, you will want to get the highest math score possible. The SAT tests basic math, algebra, and geometry. Students do NOT need pre-cal., trig, or calculus on the SAT.

The exam is structured to include easy, medium, and hard questions. The difficulty level of the questions does not correspond to the subject matter. For example, the Algebra II concepts are not tested with harder questions than basic math concepts, even though Algebra II is a more advanced course in school. The SAT math can take any concept and make an easy or hard.

I've helped thousands of students improve their SAT scores and there are some key strategies that will help you improve your math score.

Pass the Bar Exam - Guidance to Pass It the First Time!

I work with many clients who take the bar exam once and pass it the first time. There is a particular profile that is consistent with the people who take it once and pass.

In my observation, the people who take the bar exam once and pass are completely focused on preparing for and taking this exam. In most cases they take time off work and work full-time on preparing for the exam. If they are unable to take time off work they try to work part-time or organize their home life so that they are without distractions at home. Many of the people I have worked with who have failed repeatedly are juggling multiple distractions with family, work and outside activities. My advice is to cancel all outside activities for two to three months prior to taking the bar exam and devote yourself 100% to passing this exam. Do the best you can to achieve this level of commitment.

16 Examination Techniques For All Subjects

Your Personal Guide

This is it - the BIG day.

All those years in the classroom: the homework, the private English lessons, the private Sociology tuition - it all comes down to this.

Assuming you've had the pre-requisite good night's sleep and arrived at the examination hall on time...

1. Fill in the booklet with care and attention - you don't want that to go astray!

2. After you are instructed to turn over the question paper take a deep breath... THIS IS IT.

Take the Confusion Out of College Admissions Tests: ACT Scores Explained

Don't you hate how confusing it is to figure out SAT or ACT scores? I deal with admissions tests every day and still have to think to convert from the SAT system (200 to 800 points on three sections - reading, math, and writing) to the ACT (a single score of 0-36). Today I'm going to take the confusion out of ACT scores.

The ACT is a competitor of the SAT. Some students will prefer the ACT, just as some people prefer one car to another. The ACT is not easier or harder than the SAT; it is just different.

An ACT composite score is the average of a student's scores on the four parts of the test - English, math, reading, and science. The written essay receives a separate score, but is not factored into the composite score. Students can score between 0 and 36 on each section.

15 Reasons Students Fail the TOEFL Test/Exam

The Test of English as a Foreign Language can be very tricky and difficult to pass for most students. This is because certain crucial factors are ignored or overlooked. Students' failure in the TOEFL examination can be attributed to a whole lot of factors which include;

1. Poor Planning/Preparation: Many students usually fail to prepare for the TOEFL test properly. If you ask them why, they will be quick to defend themselves, telling you that TOEFL is no big deal but just an English examination, especially those who have spent the better of their academic life receiving classroom lectures and teaching in English language. It is very common to hear reckless responses like this, because most of them are ignorant of the TOEFL test content and structure. Little wonder, students in this category fumble at the test and they end up failing the exam.

The Future of the IIT - JEE (Joint Entrance Examination)

The JEE or in other words the Joint Entrance Examination is a very highly competitive examination conducted by the Indian Institutes of Technology for selection into the prestigious B.Tech program of the IITs. Now the future of the IIT -JEE is in question as the government is in favor of creating standardized entrance examinations along the lines of the SAT for all accredited colleges.

In India the high school students take the CBSE/ICSE/STATE BOARD examinations at a senior school level. For selection into colleges they write the JEE/AIEEE and a host of customized examinations. This puts unnecessary stress on the students who seek college education. The proposed reform is to standardize all examinations and make the students undergo only one aptitude test in addition to the high school examinations. A combined score will allocate a student to the respective universities.

Taking the Medical Assistant Certification Exam

The medical assistant certification exam is meant to test the proficiency, skill level and knowledge a medical assistant has. The American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) hands certificates to all those who appear for this exam and clear it. Even if a professional is qualified and well trained to work in the health care industry, this exam authenticates his capabilities. The National Board of Medical Examiners act as the test consultants for the AAMA's certification exam. This adds great value to the exam.

Though this certification is not compulsory, it is known to give medical assistants an edge over the others while applying for a job. Also being certified could mean, better job security, and being held to a higher standard of professionalism and better salaries.

Which School is Best for You?

Do People Pass Their AAPC CPC Exam on the First Try, and How Do They Do It?

If you are taking the AAPC CPC exam, then you will at some point ask yourself this question; do people pass their medical coding certification exam on their first try? And how do they do it? Although official figures are hard to come by, rough estimates suggests that only 40% to 50% of exam-takers pass on their first attempt.

The medical coding certification exam is no pushover

Make no mistake, the CPC or Certified Professional Coder certification exam is a grueling marathon of an exam that takes nearly 6 hours long. Medical coding careers and its industry are growing fast because of the federal push for the implementation of electronic health records such as ICD-10. This translates to better salaries and career options, but also mean it is getting more competitive as more people like yourself try to get certified.