The Future of the IIT - JEE (Joint Entrance Examination)

The JEE or in other words the Joint Entrance Examination is a very highly competitive examination conducted by the Indian Institutes of Technology for selection into the prestigious B.Tech program of the IITs. Now the future of the IIT -JEE is in question as the government is in favor of creating standardized entrance examinations along the lines of the SAT for all accredited colleges.

In India the high school students take the CBSE/ICSE/STATE BOARD examinations at a senior school level. For selection into colleges they write the JEE/AIEEE and a host of customized examinations. This puts unnecessary stress on the students who seek college education. The proposed reform is to standardize all examinations and make the students undergo only one aptitude test in addition to the high school examinations. A combined score will allocate a student to the respective universities.

The JEE on the other hand is a highly differentiated examination where students with exceptional problem solving skills in high school math, physics and chemistry get selected. Abolishing the JEE will cease to bring to limelight extraordinary student achievements. The IITs have administered their B.Tech courses very well during the last 50 years of their existence. There is little point for the government to put together a plan that will do away with the JEE and bring in students with average skill levels in the sciences and math into the hallowed portals of the IIT.

Multiple examination formats that are persisting in the current system should not be viewed as stress inducers, they need to be viewed as a mechanism where a student gets to write a multitude of examinations based on the choices he or she makes. With the government forcibly cutting short all these examinations by introducing one standard test throughout the country the examinations will provide only for a competitive selection model with limited skills. As history has seen the students who have been successful in mass competition exams such as the CBSE do not succeed in the IIT system. The IIT JEE has been of such standard and quality that replacing it with a mediocre system of the skill levels of the SAT and CBSE is only ridiculing the motives of the IIT.

Instead of viewing the multiple selection examination formats as a burden they should be viewed as available choices. The students themselves can decide on whether they would appear for the CBSE alone or whether they would appear for the JEE and other exams.

Article Source: Srinivasa Gopal


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